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PeriAcryl® is a cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive. The primary ingredient is the n-butyl ester of the cyanoacrylate series. This compound which exists in monomeric form in the plastic containers polymerizes rapidly in the presence of anions, especially hydroxyl ions [in the presence of water]. It has the ability to adhere to moist living tissues. It demonstrates a favorable tissue response and reveals no toxic or foreign body reaction in humans.

Intended Use
PeriAcryl® is an adhesive dressing which is useful when performing periodontal surgical procedures. PeriAcryl® is to be used as a protective dressing over graft donor sites and as a stabilizing dressing when applied over grafted tissue. 

PeriAcryl® is useful as means of secondary closure to reinforce and seal sutured tissue. PeriAcryl® can reinforce any suturing technique by sealing between sutures, securing suture knots, and preventing bacterial invasion and the ingress of foreign material such as food. PeriAcryl® can also be used as a sealant when implanting periodontal fibers, or as a dressing to cover minor ulcerations and biopsy sites. 

Precautions and Contraindications
PeriAcryl® is for topical use only. PeriAcryl® should never be applied between tissue and the underlying blood supply since it would then become a foreign body, and prevent healing.

Care must be taken that none splashes onto the cornea of the eye or into the conjunctival sac, where it would cause adhesions.